Sunday, January 23, 2011

item 11

cute sgt. nmpk kms pn ade. oh, baju ni jns kaen yg nipis ckt, ckt je. dan plg best, if x iron pn xpe.
still nmpk ok.
cantik klu pky ngn inner. kaler ape2 pn still match

price : rm10 , or rm6 with other purchase :)

item 10

Size L tp M ngn S pn le muat.
bru je bli, tp x mnt cardi yg kne ikat kt depan.
kaen jns cm lycra. unik sbb die bkn hitam plain. ade line, nmpk smart. ala2 cm kemeja la. smart!

price: RM15

item 09

Brand Padini.
impulsive purchase.
new without tag.
size m, tp cm fit so s-m
rm10 or rm6 with other purchase!

item 08

Swap dr blog laen. puas hati la. tp ttbe dh byk sgt bju dlm almari. kne clear kn ckt, xnt x le shopping plak.
so let go yg ni.

rm 12 or rm10 with other purchase 

item 07

if close up leh tgk la, kain die cntk.
warna putih, sori pic xbpe nk clear.
ade tali ikat kt pingang so nmpk cm pky skirt. cute sgt.
but, butang last dh t'cabut, tp xksh pn sbb de tali kn? :)


item 06 *book by bell luv*
Just Wear it for two times only.
fit for S. the cardi is 3quarter when im wear it.
the top is cotton.
this is one set for only

 Rm 15

item 05

** pic taken with night mode by phone cam

**pic taken without nite mode.
This One i wear for Several timeS.

tp agk longgar ble pky, so best fit m/L la.
but i dont wear it for so Long sinCe i ChanGe my Fesyen

dont worry its still in good condition 
x nmpk lusuh cm dlm gmbr tu.
ade 2 poket kt tp & kt poket tu ade tali utk ikat. cute sgt.
baju ni boleh pky ngn belt, tp sy x prnh cbe sbb sy xde belt.haha
i like to wear this with white long sleeve shirt & tdung msk kn ke dlm, so nmpk kms & style

size S but cn fit to M.

nice right?

price: rm12

item 04

niCe n Smart~ kotak2. cntik pky cmni je, ngn inner pn ok putih @ htm pn boley, still nice!!
size s
look like new~ no defect~no stain, just worn twice. siyesly berbaloi.

price : rm12

item 03

only wear it twice
nice, but not suit for my style.hehe

price : rm12

*sgt b'baloi ok!*

item 02

i like the
white n nice.. but i already have too many white shirt with hoodie had to let go this one~
but cute. ade poket kt dpn, x jelas sgt kot dlm pic ni.
buy at rm50sumthing at midvalley.

price : rm12
*ok sgt murah*

item 01

mybe cntik if pky ngn belt, ntah la. xpernah cube sbb xde belt.
ya, mgkin anda boleh cube.

corak dpn & belakang sme. utk yg b'tudung elok & sgt comel if pky ngn inner putih.
bju ni klu pky cmtu je nmpk sopan since xde cutting sgt.
baju ni dh pky for several times but still in good condition.
x lusuh.

price : rm10

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welcome to this blog. basically, i wanna sell my stuff here, or what you call pre-loved. i think it a waste to keep all this beautiful clothes inside my closet forever, they deserve a better owner than me. so, if you do love them, do notify me thru emel or chatbox, or you can ask for my phone number. most of the things i sell here is pre-loved, however, there might be a new one, so take note!